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It comes down to labour, additional plugins and software. A templated website requires less labour whereas a custom website is built from the ground up and allows for customization on many more levels. For small businesses such as start-up e com stores, a templated design can be sufficient, whereas a medium-sized business would usually require a custom website using a cms such as WordPress to create custom pages for future content uploads. Through consultation with Raindance Media, we can determine the type of website that will get results for your business.


Our templated designs cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000. This is a development cost from scratch. This is budget option, however in some cases, this is all that is required, for your business to make sales or get leads.


If brand is important to your business and customisation is required for your website, a custom built website is what you will need to get results. Its important to look at the needs of your business and not just the cost of the website build. At Raindance Media we usually use a cms such as WordPress to manage a custom website. Cost $2000 to $10000.

With a custom website, all the templates a created by us to be fully specific to your businesses requirements. This is important for future content uploads and consistency, in a lot of niche's content is king, and you will find that adding content to your website is a key task to drive sales to your business, therefore it is important to set your new website up to be user friendly and with content management in mind. Having a consistent brand online is important, a custom website will provide a look that is unique to your business, a brand. A uniform and consistent online image is important for any serious business with long term ambition